• What Are Information Systems & Databases ?

This course is part Master of Global E-business at the university of Lille. The aim is to introduce students to the concept of Information Systems and Types of Different Information Systems. Further, Introducing them to Database concept as well as analysing an Information System using different diagrams including ER-D, DFD and Data-flow.

  • Introduction to Data Mining & E-commerce?

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student into the concept of Data Mining and E-commerce.

In terms of data mining we start from the scratch, where the students learn the basics and the main principles such as Data Types until learning about Python and its use in Data Mining & Visualisation. Other tools are introduced as well, such as tableau, PowerBI, RapidMiner etc..

In the other part of the course, the concept of E-commerce with its terms is introduce where the practical part is about building an E-commerce website. other concepts such SEA and SEO are included in this part. Web Analytics using google analytics is also introduced.