A technology company unveiled its new system, which helps entertainment companies such as Netflix to control users using non-affiliate accounts, which could put many users in a “dilemma”.

Many Netflix users rely on their friends ‘or family members’ accounts, using their own passwords, and the company has not yet been able to stop “opportunistic” users.

Technology company Sinamedia revealed a new artificial intelligence system it devised to reveal common passwords used by users such as Netflix and HPO, according to Mirror.

The new system may push large companies to force free users to subscribe to their services, or to close accounts that share the password.

“The participation of the accounts has become expensive and can not be ignored,” said a company spokesman at a conference, adding: “Our new solution allows companies to take the necessary action.”

The company said it has started the trial phase of the new system and will shortly be offering its services to entertainment companies such as Netflix.

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